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I love asking new clients, “when you think of nutrition, what do you think of?”  Usually their answer is something like, “I think of eating foods I don’t really want.”  Or “I think of removing foods I love.”


This is why as a Licensed Health & Nutrition Counsellor I am obsessed with gentle nutrition!  (At the right time of course…)

Gentle Nutrition & Timing

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I help women heal their relationship with food and still, majority of the time a new client books food freedom session they want me to tell them what to eat, what not to eat and when to eat.

I always explain that gentle nutrition is the 10th & final principle of intuitive eating for a reason!  If we began with gentle nutrition many of us would end up making intuitive eating into a diet.

We would give ourselves unconditional permission to eat EXCEPT if it included a specific food that we were trying to limit…

We would tune into our hunger & fullness EXCEPT if we didn’t have enough vegetables that day…

We would respect our bodies EXCEPT if she didn’t have enough energy to work out 5x that week…

See how fast that can happen?  Literally anything can be made into a diet the moment it has food rules attached.  Let’s not do that with intuitive eating & gentle nutrition!

Basics of Gentle Nutrition

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Now that I’ve made it clear that there is a time and a place for gentle nutrition (and this may not be your time or place!)  Let’s talk a little about what gentle nutrition actually is.  

I often begin explaining gentle nutrition with, “we add, we don’t take away.”  

  • Making pasta for dinner?  How can we add in nutrition?  What vegetables do you enjoy in or on pasta?  Would you consider trying out a whole grain pasta or would that no longer satisfy your craving for pasta?

  • Do you have IBS?  Some people who have IBS find some relief from their symptoms when they begin focusing on whole grains.  Do you feel like a focus like this seems realistic without it needing to become an obsession?  Do you feel like you would still be able to give yourself permission to not eat whole grains if you are craving something else?

  • You find yourself starving after work?  Would you be open to playing around with adding in some snacks throughout your day?  What type of snacks help you feel satisfied, full for a longer period of time but still energized?

Do you see it?  Gentle nutrition differs MAJORLY from my old nutrition counselling days.  Why?  Because we work as a team to gently improve your nutrition.  

Gentle nutrition is NOT me telling you what to eat, when to eat it and what not to eat!  It’s us, together, as a team working to have you feeling your BEST while not feeling deprived in any way!

Your Body is Freakin Brilliant

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Trust me on this – you do NOT need to push yourself into a season of gentle nutrition.  When you are ready, you WILL know!

Suddenly you will find yourself craving more vegetables…

Suddenly you will find yourself curious about focusing on your health ailments in a balanced way that still honours your mental health…

Suddenly you will notice that you are willing to play around with when you do & do not eat in order to feel your best!

It WILL happen!  Your body is BRILLIANT!!

Have patience, and trust that the same body that screamed for milk when she was an infant WILL once again tell you that she’s ready to start focusing on gentle nutrition.

You got this!

Terri Lynn

Licensed Health & Nutrition Counsellor

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