Guess what, it’s NORMAL to fall out of love with movement.  Living in a world that advertises “health” as a serious addiction to the gym, it’s common to feel deeply ashamed when you simply hate movement.  


 However, you have to remember that we live in a world that highly associates weight loss with movement, so why wouldn’t you fall out of love with it?  80% of people who lose weight will gain it back PLUS more.  90% of people will gain it all back.  


 Who wouldn’t fall out of love with that?!


 The key is to do our best to separate movement from diet culture in our minds.  Which I admit, is difficult when magazine covers, Instagram posts & often health practitioners try and convince us to do otherwise.  


 Let’s lay out 3 different tips for falling back in love with movement, void of diet culture!

Have Patience – Don’t Rush it

 With Intuitive Eating being my speciality, I have noticed a common theme with my clients.  When they first dive into giving themselves unconditional permission to eat, more often than not, they are in a mood to seriously rebel against diet culture.  


 They are hyperaware of diet culture’s messaging and absolutely refuse to get involved in any part of it.  Which often includes exercise.


 And guess what – THAT’S OK!  


 Healing your relationship with food and your body is a process.  And it’s not a process that can be rushed.  It’s a process that takes time.

At times, I sense my clients tensing and feeling the urge to add gentle nutrition or movement back into their lives ASAP.  I always encourage them to take a deep breath and remember that the time will come when your bodies biological cues will begin to kick in and encourage you to move your body.


 Not because you want to lose weight, not because you want to hit 10,000 steps per day.  But because it simply feels GOOD to move our bodies!


 Truly Determine Movement You Enjoy

 When I ask clients what type of movement they enjoy I usually hear silence on the other end of the call.  And then a, “umm… none?”


 I encourage you to think back to your childhood.  What did you enjoy then?  


Playing tag? 


Playing with your dog?  



 Back then, I’m guessing, you didn’t view these as ‘exercise’ in anyway.  And honestly, that’s always my goal with my clients as well.  That movement is an enjoyable activity that makes you feel GOOD!


 Take note how I even do my best to not use the word “exercise” but rather movement!  This often helps my clients separate that weight loss focused, militant discipline from actual enjoyable movement!

Want Free Journal Prompts?

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heal your relationship with food!

And yes, movement can be going to the dog park with your dog, signing up for a Zumba class, playing tag with your children or buying some snazzy looking roller skates online!  


Don’t let diet culture determine what is truly healthy movement (mind & body) for you!


Don’t Make Movement into a Diet


What on earth do I mean by that?  Don’t add rules to your movement!


So often I hear of women tracking their movement and then beating themselves up when they didn’t move 6 days last week.  Meanwhile they actually moved their bodies 4x last week in a truly enjoyable way!  That’s a WIN!  Not something you should beat yourself up about.  


Or I hear of women challenging themselves to 10,000 steps per day.  When they don’t hit it, they are humiliated that all of their friends and family on the same app will see.  Ya’ll, this is not healthy behaviour!  


I don’t care if you are doing 20,000 steps a day.  When it’s associated with guilt, embarrassment and punishment, THAT’S NOT HEALTHY.


When movement becomes so religious that you can’t sense your body needing a day off, we have a problem!


Be careful to not add rules to your movement in the same way I caution over adding rules to your food.  Be careful to not track your movement in the same way I caution to not track your food intake.


Don’t make movement into a diet!


Don’t Let Diet Culture Steal Movement


Diet culture has stolen so much from us, don’t let it steal movement too!  Take it back by having patience with your relationship with movement.  Truly only committing to movement you enjoy and not turning movement into a diet!  


As always, I’m here to support you in any way I can.  Send me a DM on Instagram or see if working with me feels in alignment with you!

Terri Lynn
Certified in Intuitive Eating
Licensed Health & Nutrition Counsellor

3 Tips for Falling Back in Love with Movement

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