How to Challenge Your Food Beliefs


When clients first start working with me their food beliefs often float out of their mouths without them even noticing.  Here are some of the common ones below!

Food Belief Examples

  • Dairy causes inflammation

  • Most people are allergic to gluten, so I stay away from it

  • Sugar is bad

  • Everything I eat after dinner becomes excess weight

  • Fasting is healthy

  • White flour is unhealthy

  • ‘Good’ fruit are low on the glycemic index

  • Keto is for weight loss

  • Sauces are just extra calories


Ditching the Judgement, Embracing the Curiosity 

I always encourage my clients to practice saying goodbye to judgement and hello to curiosity as they journey toward food freedom.  

Here’s an Example!

Thought: A ‘healthy’ meal is protein, fat and veggies.

Judgement: Omg, what is wrong with me.  Why can’t I kick diet culture once and for all?!  I’m never going to be truly free from my struggle with food.

Curiosity: Interesting…

I wonder where I originally gained the belief that a healthy meal is protein, fat and veggies?

I think my chiropractor mentioned that once when I was a teen.  

How do I feel after a meal of protein, fat and veggies?  

I’m rarely satisfied after and even if I am I end up uncomfortably hungry again in 1-2 hours.

What is a ‘healthy’ meal for me?  

A meal that leaves me feeling satisfied and keeps me feeling full for 3-4 hours.

food beliefs

Can you see the difference between judgement and curiosity?

Judgement paralysis us.  It beats us up and often causes us to move backward in our healing.

Curiosity allows whatever is.  It allows you to question, lean in and explore.  It enlightens you for the next time you have that same thought or are in a similar situation.  It moves us forward.

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When questioning our food beliefs and learning how to replace judgement with curiosity it can be helpful to work with a professional.  I am currently taking new clients and would love to link arms with you and partner with you on your journey toward food freedom!  Click Here to see if a Food Freedom Session with me may be the right choice for you right now!

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