Imagine living in a larger body and absolutely loving your vessel…. Our society does everything it can to ensure that people in larger bodies are not fat and happy.  


  • They tell you that you have to shrink to be ‘healthier.’  

  • They tell you that you have to shrink in order to fit into their clothing.  

  • They tell you that you have to shrink in order to find love.  


If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time you know what I think about those 3 points.  Let’s retaliate today with 3 steps to falling more in love with your larger body!  


These tips have done wonders for my journey in a larger body and my hope is that they will aid you in a similar way!


  1. 1. Wear Clothing That Actually Fits Your Body

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I can’t even describe how often I hear from new clients, “I just want to feel comfortable when I get dressed in the morning.  I just want to open my closet and see clothing that actually fits me.”


Guess what boo, YOU CAN!


Sadly, us folk in larger bodies think that feeling uncomfortable in our clothing is our rite of passage into a smaller body.  Like a punishment that will convince us to eat less or finally start exercising.  


That is 100% diet culture!!


You deserve to feel confident & comfortable in your clothing NO MATTER YOUR SIZE.  


I challenge you to Marie Kondo the heck out of your closet.  If your clothing doesn’t make you feel like a comfortable Queen, DONATE IT!  


Purchase clothing that reflects the love you want to feel toward your body, even if you don’t feel it quite yet!


If you are hesitant to commit to this step because of finances remember amazing online consignment stores like https://www.thredup.com that have plus sized clothing!


I’ll say it again for the girls in the back, NO MATTER YOUR SIZE, you deserve to wear clothing that actually fits your current body!!!


2. Practice Proper Hygiene for Your Larger Body

Often a large part of people feeling uncomfortable in their bodies is that they don’t practice proper bodily hygiene.

Why? Again, it’s often because we think that we need to simply shrink ourselves instead of putting effort today into feeling comfortable and safe in our current bodies!

This blog is my absolute fav on this topic and I often send it to clients who are struggling in this area!

Corissa gets into the nitty gritty with tips on everything from bathroom hardware to bra liners to phone fans!

Go check it out!!

3. Stop Overanalyzing Your Body

You walk past a mirror or a reflection in the window and immediately start bashing your body. Ugh my thighs. Omg my double (or triple…) chin. My stomach.. I’m so embarrassed.

Early in my journey toward accepting my larger body I had a mentor tell me to simply stop looking. At first, I was confused, isn’t the goal that I feel neutral about my body? How does not looking aid in that?

But I trusted her, and for 2 weeks I did my best to not look and if I did, I would look away as quickly as possible. If I was doing my makeup, I would only look at my face, I wouldn’t allow my gaze to trail down. I would not get dressed in front of a mirror or put lotion on in front of the mirror. When I walked down the street, I did not look at the windows beside me.

And guess what happened? I had less mental energy going toward bashing my body and it opened up space for me to begin to accept myself as I was…

Try it! Challenge yourself for 2 weeks to LOOK AWAY! See what happens…

It is Possible to Accept Your Current Body

I know that it may not seem like it right now, but I promise, IT IS POSSIBLE to accept your current body.


And remember, when body love seems completely unrealistic, lean into body respect & neutrality.  Respect your body for breathing, moving your limbs and digesting your food.  Choose to no longer bash your body and rather respect her for who she is.


As always, I love hearing from you guys on your journey, throw me an email at terri@terrilynn.life and tell me how these tips aided you!


Terri Lynn

Licensed Health & Nutrition Counsellor

Certified in Intuitive Eating

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