A Program to Help you Feel at Peace Around Food Once Again

Do you find yourself telling yourself
any of these things:

“I vow never to let loose again.”

“I’ll just workout harder since I ate THAT food.”

“This diet is okay since it's for my health.”

If you feel this in your soul… we should be friends, because I’ve been there too.

You also should lean in a little closer, grab a cup of tea and listen up.

My journey is a lot like yours. What was worse is I was a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I felt like I had no credibility, because I was not self disciplined enough to stay on the myriad of diets the professionals put me on.

I craved all the “wrong” foods without once craving being the real me.


Hold on tight because you’re at the start of one of the most beautiful transformations you’ll go through.

I know this because I went through it, and I can confidently say:

There is another way of living waiting for you.

One that doesn’t keep you in a toxic cycle of dieting, food rules and constantly obsessing over what foods you can or can’t have in order to be “healthy.”

My journey  has led me on a path of helping hundreds of women finally make peace with food, but more importantly, with themselves.


Especially when it comes to feeding your body.

You will be guided to break down mental barriers, explore the current food rules holding you back, and heal your body image utilizing intuitive eating & mindfulness.

Take this journey alongside someone who has been through your journey. Someone who understands what it feels like sitting in a doctor’s office waiting to hear the next diet you need to try.

Start today by applying for my program to break down mental barriers, explore current food rules holding you back and introduce intuitive eating into your life.

Let’s work on getting rid of those food rules for good!