Let's Feel at Peace Around Food Once Again

Explore current food restrictions

You probably have food restrictions from past diets or health advice. We must first identify these, get curious around them and work to release them once and for all.

Break down mental barriers

Do you have negative thoughts around food and the size of your body? We start here to break them down and give compassion to yourself to begin a new journey toward
food freedom.

Introduce intuitive eating

You were born with an intuition to guide you. This intuition gets to be part of your food choices. Intuitive eating is a science backed approach to nutrition which will help you feel at peace around food once again.

Are you ready to
heal your relationship with food

Change is a journey, but one you were designed to live.

Working with me gives you an opportunity to finally take control of your life. Break free from thoughts like:

Working with a Certified Intuitive Eating Professional helps you break free from those thoughts so you can live your life, be present with those you love and eat the foods that make you feel amazing!

Terri Lynn Licensed Health & Nutrition Counsellor


You’ve obsessed over the types of food you can and cannot eat. The stress of deciding if you’re allowed to eat this food or not is weighing on you.

I am someone who has also struggled with food restrictions most of my life, hear this: You can begin to trust your body again and heal your relationship with food.

Take your first step toward true food freedom, here. 



Read up on a new way of eating, processing and healing. From the latest trends and myths busted to motivational words you need to start your journey towards a healthier, shame-free lifestyle at any size.