Working in Corporate Was Killing me

I don’t often talk about my journey into entrepreneurship because well, it was now over 4 years ago!  But recently sharing my story on a podcast made me think how I need to share it more, much more.


4 years ago, I was a top selling Health Coach at a clinic in Winnipeg, MB absolutely slaying with up to 50 clients at one time.  It was dope.  And exhausting.  And rewarding.  And all consuming.  And didn’t have much of a future.


I was working and commuting for up to 60 hrs/week, getting payed up to $1200 bi weekly, including commissions.  It was killing me.


I got into Health Coaching to help others who struggled in the same way I did.  And yet the demands of my job helping them was causing my own health to slide backwards.  I began to brainstorm ways to make additional income.  Because of the insane hours I was already working, getting a second job was not an option.  I googled how other Health Coaches made additional income and the most recommended revenue stream was to sell products to my clients.


BRILLIANT.  Thankfully there was a company that had been recommended to me at the Mayo Clinic for both their exceptionally clean nutrition products and toxic free skincare & makeup products.


I began to google, ‘how can I sell Arbonne?’ and found a way to contact a local woman.  Looking back, I probably scared the bejeebers out of that poor woman.  “Hi, my name is Terri Lynn, I am a certified Health Coach who services an average of 40 clients at the time.  I am looking at selling Arbonne’s products to these clients and know I can do exceptionally well as I am a top sales woman in my company.  How do I get started?”


Well, I got started and was mind blown at my ‘side hustle’ of a paycheque that came to me monthly.  My mind started running, what if I could actually eventually fully work for myself?


The dreaded week came where suddenly I didn’t get payed from my clinic.  They were having financial issues.  Then came the phone call that they had gone bankrupt and sold.  Even though I still had my job, technically.  I knew that the company wasn’t stable, and I needed to have a more secure income.  (A year later they closed their doors permanently!  So much for corporate jobs being ‘less risky’ than entrepreneurship…)


I called my up line and told her I needed to make a $2000 paycheque that next month.  She told me exactly what I needed to do in order to make that kind of money and I did it.  In one month I got my paycheque up to the point where it was competitive with my Health Coaching income.  I quit my job a week before my wedding and left for my honeymoon knowing I would never return to a job where I put my income in another person’s hands.


And I didn’t.


I don’t talk about this opportunity nearly enough and am committed to doing better.  This opportunity changed the course of my entire life and I know it has for thousands of other women as well.  I’ve decided to once again mentor a handful of women monthly to do as I have done with this opportunity.  If this blog has you 1% curious, fill out this form and I will be in touch to see if this is the right opportunity for you!


Xoxo, Terri Lynn

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