What’s Your Turn Around Rate?

I’ve been stressed out of my MIND for the past few weeks. Just being real!! Sometimes I roll my eyes at Life Coaches who claim to never be stressed… like girl. We live on the same planet. And it ain’t perfect. How are you helping people by acting like you never struggle with human obstacles?!

Holistic health is NOT about never being stressed. It’s about your TURN AROUND RATE when the stress hits. Unhealthy Terri Lynn used to take months or even a year to turn around after a crazy stressful event.
“Time heals” is somewhat bullshit. It’s what you DO with your time that heals you!!

What am I actively doing with my time to ensure I can bounce back from this stress ASAP?

1. Ensure my blood sugar is staying as stable as possible – Why? Well when our blood sugar drops, we can expect our adrenal glands to NOT be happy. What happens then? Well at first, we will need to produce extra cortisol in order to fight the stress but eventually, our bodies stop producing cortisol all together when it is stressed for too long!! #helloadrenalfatigue Eating a well-rounded
meal every 3 hours can greatly aid in stabilizing blood sugars. What’s ‘well rounded’? Well I always recommend a protein, fat, greens and fibre. Example: a cup of celery (green) with a tbsp of hummus (protein & fat) sprinkled with a tsp of chia seeds (fibre)

2. SLEEP SLEEPING BEAUTY, SLEEP!!! – Honestly sleep is one of the FIRST things my body says goodbye to once I am seriously stressed. I have a love hate relationship with natural sleep aids. I have worked with many clients whose bodies get highly addicted to these natural sleep aids and quickly
they can’t sleep AT ALL, even in a peaceful season without them. Personally, I love the Heneplex Sleep Shot which is full of adaptogens, L-Glutamine, a tiny bit of Melatonin, and Hemp CBD Oil. I shy away from full on Melatonin supplements as my body gets addicted to them QUICKLY! I use this Shot until I feel the stress during the day draining away and then I slowly wean myself off. Always making sure I NEVER consume them daily for longer than 2 weeks!!

3. My Morning Routine is LIFE! – Guess what is the first thing people stop doing when they are insanely busy and stressed? Their morning routines! Movement, meditation, journaling, praying, personal development etc. Guess what you need most when you are stressed? MOVEMENT, MEDITATION, JOURNALING, PRAYING, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ETC. Funny eh? (Yes, I’m Canadian for those who don’t know lol) Me and my husband keep each other accountable to our morning routines at a HIGHER level during busy and stressful seasons. It goes before work, before our relationship and before dealing with whatever the stress actually is!!

I hope you have found these 3 tips helpful!! I absolutely adore hearing from all of you so throw me a DM on Instagram explaining the stress you are currently dealing with and I’ll send you a voice message back with my recommendations!

Love you!!
Xoxo, Terri Lynn

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