What to do When Stress Hits

Personally, I’m in a nuts stressful season.  About two weeks ago I got a phone call while on business in Calgary that we had water pipes in our penthouse that had burst, and we needed to move out immediately.  To add to the stress, we ended up being locked out of our home that had our belongings, including work necessities, for almost a week. Our dogs began picking up on the stress and lost bladder control, have been throwing up everywhere and have had chronic diarrhea.  Our vet highly recommended rehoming them to get them out of the stress. Those who don’t know, my dog Mia, was actually purchased just over 4 years ago as an emotional support dog for my depression and anxiety. So, as you could imagine, meeting with potential new fur parents for them has had me anxious as hell.  We still have no idea when or even if we will be able to move back to our home in the next month.


When a stressful season hits, I automatically know what gets crossed off my schedule to help me prioritize my energy.  It’s taken me years to nail this down, but I must say, I’m impressed by how quickly it came into play for me this time around!  


  • Instagram is gone, including scrolling!!  I simply don’t go on. So if you’ve been wondering where I am, this is what’s going on 😉


  • I go down to exercising only 6 hours/week.  I LOVE dancing for 2-3 hours/day, but this is simply too much when we have a crap ton going on! If I want to move more – I can go for a walk with my pups! (Yes, I’m that weirdo that has to pull back on excessive movement…)


  • I don’t hang out with anyone who wouldn’t be in my ‘inner circle’.  I LOVE people!! But right now, closest friends and family ONLY. If they have a problem with it, well they can offer me their healthy adrenals lol!


  • I clean and cook as little as possible.  We pre order healthy pre made meals and hire maid services.  I LOVE cleaning and it’s actually usually a major stress reliever for me.  But when I seem to not have enough hours in a day between looking for a new home and meeting with contractors, it’s one of the first things to go!


  • I analyze my calendar every single week and cancel anything that doesn’t NEED to happen.  This past week it was cancelling a spa day with my mom and making it a quick lunch instead.  I also cancelled going to watch the Bachelorette finale with my bestie, instead we will have a hang out where we chat more than watch TV!


Stress happens, it’s simply a part of life.  Having a game plan of what happens when it does hit is vital.  This way you don’t continue as if life was ‘normal’ until you are completely burned out and your adrenals are fatigued.  


I challenge you to take 5 minutes right now reflecting on what could be scratched out when you feel the stress begin to hit.  Social Media? Cleaning? Excess socializing? Know what would work for YOU and have it in your back pocket for when you will need it, because you will!  



Terri Lynn

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