Should The Goal be to Avoid All Stress?

You log into Instagram and your new idol’s post pops up! Dear goodness, everything about her is heavenly. I mean, she makes a million plus a year, is a 5-star wife and somehow manages to homeschool her kiddos. Her post is all about escaping the hustle and grind and falling into alignment with your dreams and goals.

WTF. Last time you decided to ‘fall into alignment’ instead of hustling you also ‘fell into heavy debt.’ Did she really grow her million-dollar biz with NO STRESS? With no hustle? With no late-night grind??

Honestly, I don’t believe stress is 100% avoidable. I don’t know of a single entrepreneur who is successful AND has never gone through an intense season of hustling and grinding. Did that insane season last forever? Not for all of them! But what I’ve found is behind those photos of all day beach days with the fam in the middle of the week – is the truth of the level of hustle it took to get there. Or even maintain staying there!

This last year I had the opportunity to join a high-level mastermind where I met and worked alongside many of the entrepreneurs I have looked up to for so long! It BLEW MY MIND how many of them who have perfectly curated Instagram feeds full of ‘alignment’ and ‘lifestyle freedom’ would be in that room bawling their face off because of how hard they were working and how stressed they were.

If you want to create a successful business, you WILL encounter stress. If you want to create a profitable business, you WILL encounter stress. If you want to be a high achieving female, you WILL encounter stress.

Life should not be about AVOIDING stress but rather about dodging unnecessary stress while taking care of ourselves before, during, and after stressful times.

We are addicted to the ‘all or nothing’ mentality even when it comes to stress! Either we are pursuing alignment, freedom from stress, self-care at its finest etc. OR we are hustling, stressed out of our minds and throwing self-care to the curb.

We MUST learn how to take care of ourselves BEFORE entering a stressful season.

We MUST learn how to take care of ourselves DURING a stressful season.

We MUST learn how to take care of ourselves AFTER a stressful season.

THAT is how to avoid allowing stress to rule your life. Not to fully avoid it. But rather to manage it WELL! If you are a female entrepreneur who is BURNT OUT I have a potential free offer for you! Respond to this email with, “I’m burnt out!” and we will chat!

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