Love, Nourish, Shift

I was sitting in the doctor’s office at the Mayo Clinic getting my download on how to live this ‘new’ life.  I needed to remove artificial sweeteners, sugar, gluten, and dairy from my diet. I needed to reduce my stress levels and get rid of all toxic makeup and skincare products.  The list seemed endlessly overwhelming to my 21-year-old macaroni & cheese stuffed brain. How the hell was I going to do this?


I’ll be honest, the year after Mayo was incredibly difficult for me.  I felt like everything in life was foreign. Cooking, buying non-toxic cleaning products, focusing on self-care above all else.  My saviour was the nutrition products my doctor had recommended. Having recipes sent to me, learning how to make shakes and having their protein bars handy was beyond valuable!  


THAT year is the reason I co-created this program.  THAT overwhelm. THAT frustration. THAT loneliness.  What if I created a program for that girl? For the girl ready to dive deep into self-care and nourishing nutrition?  What if I created a program that was more affordable than ever for her to shift the course of her life?


What if I told you that me (a Registered Holistic Nutrition Counsellor), a mindset & belief coach, self-love & happiness coach and a yoga instructor & energy therapist were all collaborating together to bring you this amazing program?  The program I literally followed that year after the Mayo Clinic to shift my life, learn to love myself and nourish myself? Oh, and I lost over 50lbs by following this program 😉


It’s happening!


Weekly live coaching by one of us four coaches, a 30 Day Healthy Living Program of your DREAMS with daily accountability, and a community of women undergoing the same shift as you!


This program is being released in July so if you want more info when it is available – click this link!  I can’t wait to work with you guys inside of this new community!!


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