Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is somewhat of a trendy phrase these days.  I still remember in school taking extra time to study what exactly ‘intuitive eating’ was and how I could get clients superb results while eating intuitively.  Every person seemed to have a completely different take on what it should look like and some professionals went as far as saying that eating intuitively was scientifically impossible.


If I’m honest, none of these intuitive eating books really landed for me.  So, I came up with my own system. Asking clients to first follow my nutrition protocol for their unique bodies and then slowly move toward teaching them what their intuition felt like and weaning them off of my protocol for their bodies and onto their own.  It’s worked incredibly!  

My own coach told me something last month that I immediately began to implement with my own nutrition clients.  The difference it’s made for me personally and my clients has been incredible! Want to hear it?


What would feel the most supportive right now?


Simple, right?  I encourage clients to first implement this 3x/day.  How can you remember? Maybe setting an alarm on your phone is the best way to remember or make it a habit that every time you are in the bathroom you ask yourself! (One of my clients even got a sign made, “What would feel the most supportive right now?” to hang across from her toilet! Lol!!). The important part is to find a place to time when you will consistently remember to ask yourself.


Next, DON’T JUDGE THE OUTCOME.  Maybe for the first 10x you won’t hear a thing.  Or maybe it’s going to feel so random that you feel you just can’t trust it.  The important thing is to earn the trust of your body. That she feels heard! If it’s to have a glass of kombucha, do it!  If it’s to start intermittent fasting, do it! Or maybe it’s to have a green smoothie for dinner. Whatever it is, trust that you alone can fully feel and understand your body.  Give her the chance to speak again!  


The glorious part of this type of questioning is that it can quickly increase and expand to other areas of your life.  Today I likely ask myself this question 20+ times/day. I use it in my business, in my spiritual walk, in my marriage and my physical activity.  I continually listen to what my body is trying to tell me in all areas!  


Start with a consistent 3x/day!  And please, let me know if the changes you experience!! 

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