How to Find Your Passion in Life

Do you remember those weird tests you were forced to do in high school that apparently told you what you were supposed to do with your life?  Mine said I should be a dentist.  Ya’ll, I have NEVER had a single cavity, root canal, removed wisdom tooth, NOTHING!  Going to the dentist has seriously been the biggest waste of my time! “Well Ms. Terri Lynn, seems you once again have perfect teeth!” Ya doc, I know.  The Lord knew what He was doing when He created my teeth, because I HATE people in ma mouth!!


Can you imagine if I would’ve followed that career path?  I mean #1, I would’ve had to do EIGHT YEARS of school after high school.  Let me paint this picture… I worked my ASS off in grade 11 and 12 so that I could graduate 6 months early and travel to Hawaii and dance professionally while all my friends were still chained to a desk, that’s how much I hated school!!


#2 I would’ve been in people’s mouths all day.  Guys I have thrown up on every dentist I have had because of how intense my gag reflex is!  Trust me, I have 0 desire to spend my day in others’ mouths!!  In fact, it kinda makes me nauseous…


#3 I am OBSESSED with freedom.  The freedom to travel when I want, buy what I want and take a day off when I want!  Would being a dentist have fueled that passion?  NOPEEEEE


Whelp, if those epic tests don’t help you find your passion in life, how do you find it??  I’m a little woo woo and I truly believe that if you PRAY for your passion to fall into your lap and if you choose to be OPEN MINDED and HUMBLE while PURSUING joy in every single area of your life you WILL find your passion in life!!


            Let’s break this down…




I truly believe that there is a Higher Power that has our backs in life.  I believe this with my whole being.  I also believe that believing in a Higher Power lifts the heaviness in life off of us.  Suddenly we know that there is a power greater then ourselves who knows us better than we know ourselves and knows EXACTLY what will light a fire under our butts!!  So, pray!  Ask for guidance and for your passions to drop in your lap!




Ya’ll, my passion to be an entrepreneur dropped in my lap for the first time in the form of a Network Marketing business. Businesses like that are mocked so bad where I come from!!  I was warned over and over that I would ‘lose all my friends if I did that business’.  Whelp, THAT business ended up awakening my drive for online entrepreneurship and ended up leading me AND my husband into a life we could’ve never imagined when we first got married!!  If I hadn’t been open minded and if I wouldn’t have been humble enough to do ‘that type of a business’ I would not have the life I have today!!




A while back my Life Coach said something that hit home for me.  “Terri stop overcomplicating things.  Will that opportunity bring you joy now or in the future?  Ask that with everything!  Will that PSL bring me joy today and create a body that brings me joy?  Will working with that client bring me joy now and in the future?  Will going to that social gathering bring me joy now or in the future?  Then list to your initial gut instinct to that question!  If the answer is yes, roll with it!!  If your initial reaction is NO, run!!!  Your life should literally be overflowing with joy from your purse to your water bottle to your business to your home and husband.  JOY is the goal because within JOY we find our ultimate passion and purpose.


If you continue to follow these 3 steps you WILL find your passion in life.  Be patient, be a kind person, believe that your true passion is coming.  If this peaked your curiosity and you are feeling unclear about your life’s passion or think I could help you find it, respond to this email!  I love hearing from you guys!!


Xoxo, Terri Lynn

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