How to Deal With a Difficult Season

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Is anyone else currently blowing smoke out of their ears?! Like please don’t tell me that One. More. Time.

I heard a new stance on the whole, ‘why bad things happen to good people’ this past weekend and I wanted to share it with you!

What if, what if this incredibly hard season or situation you are in is to help you see how strong you are?

Think about it! Think about 5 of the HARDEST things you have been through, I’ll list mine below!

– Being raped
– Miscarriages
– Being diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic
– My brother passing away
– Losing all our belongings

You know what each and every one of those situations have taught me? How FREAKIN STRONG I AM. I am an absolute WARRIOR and there is no way you could convince me otherwise!

With the ammo of your previous life lessons in your chamber, look your current obstacle directly in the eyes and tell her who’s BOSS!

Girl, you’ve got this!!

Xoxo, Terri Lynn

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